We specialize in offering medical grooming services tailored for pets facing challenges such as over-matting, necessitating sedation, or experiencing injuries due to inadequate cleanliness. Certain breeds, especially those prone to matting with long hair, may require additional assistance in maintaining hygiene. Older animals or those with physical disabilities can also benefit from our specialized grooming services. If you observe your pet struggling with grooming and suspect it may be linked to an underlying health issue, please inform us when scheduling an appointment or reach out to discuss your concerns. During the medical grooming session, specifically designed for pets with unique needs, we address issues like over-matting, ensuring the comfort and safety of your pet. Procedures such as sedation, if needed, along with essential grooming tasks like nail trimming and ear cleaning are meticulously carried out. We also inspect and clean your pet’s eyes, paws, and pads. Our experienced team is skilled in handling pets requiring extra care, ensuring a calm and comfortable experience. If traditional grooming tasks such as baths or nail trims are typically stressful, entrust us to handle these responsibilities, allowing both you and your pet to relax. Beyond appearance, medical grooming is crucial for the health and well-being of pets facing specific challenges. We understand the importance of addressing over-matting issues, injuries, and maintaining cleanliness in a manner that ensures your pet's overall health. In addition to our grooming services, we offer guidance on techniques to help maintain your pet's comfort and well-groomed condition. Feel free to ask for product recommendations or explore our selection of pet-safe shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products in our reception area.

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