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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

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Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog

Monday, July 8th, 2019

Did you know that certain toys can actually benefit your pet’s health? Your vet in Scarborough has some tips on how to choose the right toys for your furry friend. Different toys have different purposes to help entertain your pet in a variety of ways. You can find retrieving, destructive, or interactive toys that will stimulate your pet to work out their energy, teach them skills, entertain their attention, and control their behaviors.


Retrieving Toys

Balls – This is the most common type of toy that almost every puppy will enjoy. However, some are better than others. Tennis balls are a common favorite for many dogs, however, they can actually cause damage to your pet’s teeth. The material used in tennis balls can wear down the enamel of your pet’s teeth and also cause stomach problems. Instead, try a chewing rubber ball that is large enough for your pet not to swallow.

Discs – discs can be a good option for any dog, though they are especially great for Retrievers. Discs allow your pet to exercise and get all their energy out while also requiring them to work on their coordination. Retrieving toys provide your pup with a fun form of daily exercise.

Floaties – Floating toys can be great for pets who love to swim. Pick something that your dog can easily retrieve from the water that they can pick up with their mouth without swallowing. We recommend that you don’t get anything that would interfere with their breathing while swimming.


Destructive Toys

Plush toys – Dogs love ripping apart stuffed animals. Plush toys provide your pet with a fun and safe way to work out their natural aggression. Dogs will rip apart their “prey” and shake them senselessly around your house. While destruction is typically not encouraged, a plush toy can be a great way for your pet to let out some steam. Some plush toys have a squeaker inside, so always supervise your dog to avoid them swallowing something they shouldn’t.

Squeaky toys – this type of toy is often tough and difficult for your pet to destroy, which is a good thing. Squeaky toys give your puppy a challenge for them to work on and return to whenever they need to chew something. Get your pet a tough squeaky toy to provide them with a toy they can return to over and over again.


Interactive Toys

Puzzles – dog puzzles can teach your puppy how to solve a problem to get a reward. Some interactive pet toys include tug toys and food dispensers. You can also get puzzles that require your pet to complete challenges to get to the next phase. This type of mental stimulation can help your pet stay entertained and develop cognitive skills.

Tug toys – anything that allows your dog to get competitive is not only good for their physical health, it is also great for their mental exercise. You can get tug toys either as ropes or rubber. This type of toy provides something for your pet to really bite into and exercise their physical strength. If your pet’s tug toy seems worn down, our vet in Scarborough recommends that you replace it before it snaps or rips.

Ropes – Most dogs enjoy rope toys, but not all of them. Ropes are a very versatile toy and allow pets to chew, catch, retrieve, and play tug-of-war. Chewing rope actually helps clean your puppy’s teeth, but it can also shred very easily. If your dog’s rope toy begins to unravel, replace it with a fresh one.

Food dispensing – Toys that offer a reward can be mentally stimulating for your puppy. Anything that dispenses treats for your pet can teach them determination, good habits, working towards a goal, and understand rewards for good behavior. We recommend that you don’t let them use this type of toy too often because it can interfere with their healthy diet if they eat too many treats.


Looking for other helpful tips on the perfect toy for your pet? Give Bridletowne Warden Animal Hospital a call today at (416) 491-8706 and we’ll be happy to help!