Quality Care For Your Pet in Scarborough

Scarborough pet hospitalBridletowne Warden Animal Hospital is a modern, full-service pet hospital. Our veterinarians use advanced technology and techniques in order to ensure that your pet enjoys the best veterinary care possible.

Our Staff Cares

We understand that your pet is an extension of your family and will treat them with the kindness and attention that they deserve. Our friendly, helpful Scarborough veterinarians and staff members take measures to ensure that your pet feels relaxed and at ease during their time with us so that they can get the care they need.

Pet Hospital Services

Our complete selection of veterinary services will help to ensure that your pet is happy, healthy, and comfortable so that he or she can live the most fulfilling life possible. These veterinary services include:

Bridletowne Warden Animal Hospital: An Information Resource

Our office also offers a number of helpful resources so that you have what you need to provide your beloved pet with the best care possible from home. Make sure to view our online newsletters for more information on pet care, our veterinarians, and news on the latest trends in veterinary medicine.

Contact Us

Whether your pet needs a general pet wellness exam, or has an emergency need, you can count on the dedicated professionals at Bridletowne Warden Animal Hospital to expertly meet each of your pet's needs. To book an appointment, give us a call at (416) 491-8706.